Fresh fruits & vegetables


Our company export potatoes to Germany, Austria, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania.


In the area of Achaia and Ilia are produced early harvest potatoes.

With the care of the producers and after careful selection and packaging we supply the European market with a product of high quality.

Potatoes are available in jute bags of 25 kg net each or in polybag of 25 & 30kg net each, on 1,000 kg pallet wrapped with high endurance net.


Also, in jumbo bags of about 1,000 kg.






Tubers are oval; smooth light yellow skin; few medium deep eyes, predominantly apical; eyebrows slightly prominent; light yellow flesh.... High to very high yielding variety; very good foliage cover; very large tubers, uniform in size; good resistance to internal bruising. Low to medium dry matter content.




long-oval, yellow, smooth to medium smooth skin; pale yellow flesh; shallow eyes.



Tubers are very large, long to oval, high resistance to internal bruising; smooth, light yellow skin; light yellow flesh; very shallow eyes.

Monday, 4th December 2023